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Mike here’s a current piece from NPR that you might find interesting.



Literacy begins at home — there are a number of simple things parents can do with their young children to help them get ready to read. But parents can’t do it all alone, and that’s where community services, especially libraries, come in.

On a recent morning, parents and children gathered in the “Play and Learn” center in the Mount Airy Library in Carroll County, Md. Jenny Busbey and her daughter Layla were using the puppet theater to go on an imaginary adventure. There are play-and-learn centers in all of the Carroll County libraries.

Dorothy Stoltz, head of outreach and programming, says it’s just one way the library is encouraging parents to engage in five basic practices that lay the groundwork for literacy.

“When you learn words and know words, it’s easier to gain words,” says New York University professor Susan Neuman, who helped come up with the five practices. Neuman says children who live in a rich verbal environment enter kindergarten with an advantage that continues to grow through the years.